Can a Townsville Chiropractor help you?

Dr Daryl Ansell has been a Townsville Chiropractor for over 35 years helping people get relief from headaches, neck pain and back pain. Our patients receive excellent chiropractic care that is safe, gentle, scientifically based and effective. Our team of Townsville chiropractors use up to date evidence based techniques to provide  specific chiropractic care to each individual.

Low back and neck pain, headache or sciatica?

Are symptoms such as low back or neck painheadaches or sciatica stopping you from doing the things you love, like playing with the kids or swinging a golf club? Book an appointment today and find out if our Townsville Chiropractors can help you get back to living life to the fullest. At Ansell Chiropractic we have over 40 years’ chiropractic experience helping the people of Townsville.

Cutting Edge Chiropractic care in Townsville

Our Townsville Chiropractors offer excellent pain relief and overall health improvement. We use a variey of gentle chiropractic techniques combined with the latest examination techniques and diagnostic technology to find the treatment for you.

Our mission in Townsville is to help every patient experience a better quality of life through increased vitality and natural healing. We are the oldest established chiropractic practice in Townsville providing family-friendly for every family member from children to retirees.

Neck Pain?   How To Find The Cause

Low Back Pain?   How To Find The Cause

Conditions a Townsville Chiropractor can help with

exercise can improve strength and flexibility

We are Townsville Chiropractors committed to reducing your symptoms and get back to living your life to the fullest

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