ADF Family Health Program

Does the ADF Family Health Program cover chiropractic?

Did you know the ADF Family Health Program can cover the cost of your chiropractic care? This program provides ADF member’s dependants with up to $800 per person of subsidised health.

ADF Family Health Program was designed to help with the cost of basic health services of defence members and their families. It recognizes the difficulties many ADF families experience accessing affordable healthcare, especially when relocating to a new location.

In our office we have many dependants of defence members who use the ADF Family Health Program to pay for their chiropractic care.




Who is Eligible for the ADF Family Health Program

ADF HealthThe ADF Family Health program is available to the recognised Dependants of Permanent ADF members and also the dependants of reservists on continuous full time service (CFTS).

Dependants must be Defence recognised in accordance with ADF Pay and Conditions manual (PACMAN) and must be listed in the Dependant/Beneficiary section of PMKeyS.

The defence member themselves are not covered by this program.

For more information, contact ADF Family Health to find out who is eligible.


How much are you eligible for?

The ADF Family Health Program provides $800 per dependant towards the cost of allied health and medical specialist services. It does not cover costs associated with hospitalisation.


Does the ADF Family Health Program replace Private Health Insurance?

The ADF Family Health Program is not designed to replace your private health insurance. It just provides $800 per dependant towards the cost of chiropractic and other allied health services. You can use This amount to subsidise your private health cover or to pay for health care if you don’t have private cover.


How do you use the ADF Family Health benefit and your Private Health Insurance together?

For maximum benefit you can use your Program benefits in conjunction with your private health insurance to pay the amount not paid by your private cover.

In our Townville chiropractic office we always swipe your private health fund card first then we use the ADF card to cover the gap so you have no out-of-pocket expenses at all.




When is your $800 allocation renewed?

There is a new allocation of funds available to you at the start of each financial year (1 July). Any funds that you do not use during the current financial year do not rollover into the next year. So make sure you use your benefits each year, don’t waste them.


Can you use more than $800 on one dependant?

ADF FamilyThe $800 per person amount is combined as a family total which is automatically transferred between family members as needed.

If you have three depandants you have an allocation of $2400 for the year for your family.


Can you submit claims next year when you run out of funds?

No, the payments must come out of the financial year in which the services were provided.


What if the provider doesn’t claim directly from my health fund?

If your provider does not have a HICAPS machine for instant claiming, you will need to submit your receipts to your private health insurer to claim your benefit first. Then you will then need to upload your receipts (from the provider) and payment advice (from your private health insurance) to the claiming app or via online member services.

Our Advice: Only go to a chiropractor who has a HICAPS machine and bills directly to the government so you have no out of pocket expenses.

Read our blog What does a Chiropractor Cost in Townsville for a list of costs and services for all Townsville Chiropractors.




How long do I have to submit my receipts to receive my benefits?

You have one year from the date of service to submit your receipts to receive benefit.

If you submit your receipt in a new financial year for a service in the previous financial year, the benefit will be deducted from any remaining funds at the date of service. It will not affect your new allocation applied on 1 July.


What Services does ADF Family Health Cover?

ADF Family HealthThe ADF Family Health Program covers your GP visits, Specialist services within their consulting rooms or a hospital setting and all diagnostic and radiology services including; X-rays, MRI, pathology and ultrasound.

It also covers the following Allied Health Services; Allied Service Audiology, Chiropractic, Dental, Dietician, Exercise Physiology, Occupational Therapy, Optical, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Psychology, Remedial Massage and Speech Therapy.



If you are the dependant of an ADF and suffer from conditions such as neck pain, headaches,migraines, back pain or sciatica we would love to help you.

Call our office today on 4779 3633 to find out if we can help or book online with the link below.




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