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Who is the best chiropractor in Townsville?

 Who is the best chiropractor in Townsville? If you ask five different people, they will probably give you five different answers. So really, is there a best chiropractor in Townsville at all?  

The reality is that who is the best chiropractor in Townsville for you depends on what you are looking for. Perhaps you are suffering from conditions such as neck pain, headaches or low back pain and looking for the best chiropractor in Townsville for those conditions? Are you old and frail and need the best chiropractor for your age group? Do you want the best chiropractor in Townsville for an extremely painful disc injury 

This blog is specifically designed to help you find the best chiropractor in Townsville for you. We will tell you what to look for, what questions you should ask and what it should cost. 


Our 7 tips to find the Best Chiropractor in Townsville


1. Read reviews on the internet Ansell Google Review

Sources such as google reviews can be an accurate source of information. They are real people’s opinions of the practice and not controlled by the chiropractic office.  When you search “best chiropractor” or “best chiropractor near me” click on the website and take the time to read their reviews.

2. Search on the internet 

Start by researching the conditions you want to be treated for on highly reputable sites such as Mayo Clinic, Healthline or Harvard Health. These sites will give you credible, independent sources of information.  

Then go to your local chiropractors’ websites. Go over what happens on your first visit at each chiropractor, the techniques they use and all the information they have about your condition. The best chiropractors tend to have websites focused on the patient and how they can help.  


3. Best Chiropractor: Ask a local for a referral 

Ask your friends, work colleges, neighbours or family about who they see and what sort of experience they had. Just remember that some people only go to the chiropractor when they are in immense pain. Others have chiropractic as part of their ongoing health care regime. Make sure when someone gives you a referral that you ask them about how well everything was explained to them and how they were treated. 



4. Contact your previous chiropractor for a referral if possible 

If you have seen a chiropractor before and were happy with their care, contact them and ask who the best chiropractor in Townsville is for that technique. 


5. What about discount offers on websites and social media? 

Many ethical chiropractors will offer discounted initial consultations to make it more affordable for people to find out if chiropractic care can help them. Unfortunately, some unethical practitioners will use these offers to get people in their office and then try to scare them into a high-cost long-term treatment plan. The problem is not the discount offer, it is how you are treated when you get there. 


6. Best chiropractor: what happens on your first visit? Townsville Chiropractor Examination

The best chiropractors in Townsville will take a complete history including where your symptoms are and what affects them. They will want to know about what diagnosis and treatment you have had in the past. Then they will perform postural, neurological, functional and orthopaedic tests to find an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms. 

If necessary, X-rays or other tests may be required at a local Radiology centre where the costs are fully covered by Medicare. These tests will rule out conditions like fractures, arthritis, degeneration or bulging discs. This is to ensure chiropractic care is safe for you before any treatment is started. 

Once they have this information, they will discuss with you what they have found and design a specific treatment program for you including exercises that you can do at home. 


Townsville Chiropractor Technique7. What techniques does the best chiropractor in Townsville use? 

There is no best chiropractic technique that fits everyone. Dependant on your age spinal condition and many other variables, the best chiropractors will choose a technique that is best suited to you. Before any treatment is started the best chiropractor will discuss with you what they believe will work best with you and discuss all the pros and cons of each technique.




What else should I consider when finding the best chiro in Townsville ? 

Here are 4 more things which may influence who is best chiropractor for you. 


1. How much will it cost me to see a chiropractor in Townsville? 

Your initial visits should cost around $80-$100 and subsequent visits around $50-60. We have a blog on our website listing the costs of all the chiropractors in Townsville. 


2. Does the practice have HICAPS?

HICAPS allows you to claim from your health fund at the time of the visit. This saves you time and money by claiming directly from your fund. Beware of chiropractors who will only treat you if you pay a large upfront fee for care. It should be your choice when and how you pay. Read our blog about scams to be wary of. 

The best chiropractors will usually offer this service.  


3. Do they take Medicare referrals? Medicare for Chiropractic

You may be ae eligible for up to five visits under Medicare for chiropractic care 

Many people believe the best chiropractors in Townsville will accept these referrals as full payment so you will have no out of pocket expenseRead our blog to find out more about chiropractic costs in Townsville and how to access Medicare. 


4. What about exercises? 

The best chiropractors will incorporate exercises into your care to help your recovery. Look on the chiropractor’s website to see if they have exercises for you to do at home.  


Best Chiropractor: Trust your gut!

You will know when you are in the right place.  

You should feel comfortable with the chiropractor when you meet them and with how they treat you.  

If you feel like you are being pushed into having x-rays, entering into long treatment plans or paying thousands of dollars upfront without reason, then you definitely have not found the best chiropractor for you. 






We hope you found this blog useful. Please leave a comment below as we would love to know what you think


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    Very informative. Thank you for sharing this information. It makes going to the Chiropractor a lot less scary. It shows how very well trained they are to take care of their patients. Nice job.

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