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Who is the best chiropractor in Townsville? Who should I see? Should I see a physio or a Chiro ? These questions are often asked by people who are seeking relief for conditions such as neck pain, headaches, low back pain and sciatica.

This blog is designed specifically to help you know what to look for and what questions to ask so that you can find the best chiropractor for you. So before you ring a chiropractor, masseur or physiotherapist we will show what you how to separate the best from the rest.


How do you find the best Chiropractor for you?

The answer is: the best chiropractic treatment for you will come from a chiropractor who

  • gets all the important in-depth information
  • performs all the essential examination procedures
  • arranges all the necessary diagnostic tests
  • reach an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your problems

Once they have all this information they will:

  • discuss all their findings with you
  • design a specific treatment program for you
  • give you exercises when needed
  • perform follow up examinations to measure your progress

The 7 Steps that the best chiropractors use

1. Initial Consultation

The best Chiropractors will use your initial consultation to build a strong and thorough understanding of your current health problems.

Initially you will complete some paperwork that will provide information necessary to your care.
Best chiropractor historyThis will include questions about:

  •     your current and past symptoms
  •     previous injuries and other health problems
  •     what treatments you have had so far
  •     pre-existing medical conditions and medications


The best chiropractor will then discuss your problems with you in detail including:

  • When and how the pain started
  • Where the pain is located
  • Have you had this pain before
  • What makes makes the pain better or worse

At the same time you will be asked questions that may help the chiropractor rule out serious underlying conditions such as heart disease, neurological problems or cancer that could be causing your problems.

2. Postural and Functional Examination



The best Chiropractors will always examine your entire spine regardless of where the pain is. This forms an overall picture of how your whole spine is functioning, not just the areas of pain.

In the postural examination we are looking for changes such as:best chiropractor-examination-procedures

  • tilting of the head, shoulders and pelvis
  • increased or decreased curves in your spine
  • changes in your posture, asymmetrical or tight muscles

In the functional examination we are assessing:

  • if your spine has a full and balanced movement
  • if each individual vertebra moves freely
  • is pain or restriction reducing your movement

These test results provide vital information to help understand where your problems are coming from. They are also extremely useful during your treatment to accurately measure your improvement.

3. Neurological Examination

How well your nervous system is working will often help the best chiropractors find the cause of your problems.

During this examination your chiropractor may look at:Best ChiropractorNeurological Examination

  • the strength in your arm and leg muscles
  • the reflexes in your arms and legs
  • your balance and co-ordination
  • the functioning of your 12 cranial nerves.

From reflexes to weak muscles to balance testing, there are many different ways your nervous system can tell us where your problems are coming from.

4. Orthopaedic Examination

Examining the structure, stability and functioning of your spine will also give very strong indicators to the underlying cause of your problems.

This examination normally comprises a variety of assessments including:Best Chiropractor Orthopaedic Examination

  • functional range of motion testing
  • palpation of the spine and related structures
  • orthopedic tests
  • muscle strength comparisons

5. X-Rays

 Other diagnostic tests are sometimes needed to find the cause of your problems. They also help your chiropractor rule out conditions such as fractures or arthritis. Which tests are needed is based on your examination findings and are only taken if they are necessary.

  • X-RAYS: These assess the quality of your spine and help make sure best chiropractor xray reportchiropractic care is safe for you. They provide information about changes such as degeneration of the spine and discs, fractures or cancer in the bone.
  • CT: (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans. These assess the soft tissue structures in the spine. They can help diagnose bulging or herniated discs, ligament damage, fractures and many other conditions.

All of these tests are referred to a Radiology centre and most are fully covered by Medicare.


6. Accurate Diagnosis

 When all of the information is considered together it will accurately point to the cause of your problems.


There are three main causes of spinal pain:

  • Mechanical back pain: This is where your spine is structurally good however it Best Chiropractor Reportis not functioning and moving properly.
  • Structural problems: This is where there is damage to the actual structure of your spine such as spinal degeneration, spinal stenosis or bulging discs in your spine
  • Other potentially dangerous issues such as cancer, tumors, infection or fracture


Your individual treatment and recovery time will vary dramatically with each of these different causes. Unfortunately your symptoms can be identical with any of these problems and this is why an accurate diagnosis is essential before any treatment is started.

7. Report of Findings

The best chiropractors will sit down with you and explain what they have found and discuss what this means for you.

During this visit they will tell you:

  • What is wrong: This is your accurate diagnosis of your problemsBest Chiropractor report visit
  • What has caused your problems: Where these problems have come from and why
  • How they can help: This explains what your treatment will do and how it will work
  • How long will it take: How quickly you will be out of pain and how long until you are functioning at your best
  • Which chiropractic technique: Different techniques each have unique characteristics and benefits. Your chiropractor will discuss which is best for you.
  • What exercises to do: Video demonstrations of each exercise will show you how to perform them properly and assist you in your recovery

They will discuss with you all your treatment options and what you can do to get the best results as fast as possible. In some cases a written copy of these findings and your chiropractor’s recommendations will be given to you.

What spinal examination do the best chiropractors do?

Best Standard Neck Examination

Best Standard Low Back Examination

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