Can Chiropractic Help Posture

Can chiropractic care help your posture?Yes chiropractic can

One of the most common questions we are asked as Chiropractors in Townsville is “can chiropractic care help my posture?”.

The great news is your posture is not set in stone. It is constantly changing and adapting dependent on many different factors.  

The aim of this blog is to help you fully understand the importance of good posture, what the consequences of poor posture are and, most importantly, what you can do to improve it.




What is good posture? 

PostureYou have good posture when your body is balanced, symmetrical and upright. Your head, chest, and pelvis should be balanced upon one another in both the front and side views. Your spine has three natural curves – at your neck, mid back, and low back. These curves should be directly above each other as shown in the diagram to the left.

So, forget perfect posture and instead concentrate on the best posture for you. 


How do you measure my posture?PostureScreen Posture Analysis

As chiropractors in Townsville we have started using a software package called PostureScreen. This software accurately calculates any deviation in your posture. We use the latest high resolution iPads to take images of your posture from front and side views in a standing position.

The software then assesses these images to accurately measure your posture and body symmetry. The front view analyses how your head, shoulders, rib cage and hips are aligned. The side view focuses on the alignment of your head, shoulders, hips and knees. A detailed report is produced that accurately measures any asymmetries in your posture and can be used to monitor your progress during your treatment.

Often patients are amazed to see themselves in a three dimensional image. They will see things they didn’t know they had such as:

  • forward head carriage 
  • one shoulder higher than the other
  • the head tilted to one side
  • rounding in the shoulders 
  • un-leveling at the hips 
  • misaligned or rotation of the pelvis 
  • weight bearing on knees and ankles 


Why is it important to maintain a good posture? 

Sustaining good posture ensures your spinal bones are well aligned with the rest of the body, while the tension in your muscles and ligaments is properly distributed and minimal stress is placed on the spine. 

Good posture helps to:

  • prevent spinal injury 
  • prevent back and muscular pain  
  • enable spinal muscles to coordinate and work efficiently
  • prevent overuse and fatigue of spinal muscles and ligaments 
  • reduce stress on the spine 
  • conserve energy
  • decrease the abnormal wearing of joints 
  • prevent arthritis and degeneration
  • maintain proper alignment 


So what is so bad about poor posture? 

Poor posture has been associated with the development and progression of many spinal conditions and injuries including:


Is there such a thing as perfect posture?  

No!!!! No-one ever has perfect posture, it’s a myth. 

Just as you inherit eye colour you inherit body shape. Then falls, knocks and traumas happen over the years which can permanently affect your posture as well.

The truth is it’s not about having perfect posture. It’s about achieving the best possible posture for you as an individual and keeping it that way as you age.

The latest research shows it may be more important to think about a “balanced” or “dynamic” posture than pursing a perfect posture. Scientifically we now believe our ability to change positions and move may be much more critical than our static position while standing or sitting.


What  makes my posture worse? 

There are many things which can aggravate your postural problems such as:  

  • poor spinal function  Text Neck
  • muscle imbalance or spasm  
  • excessive weight 
  • muscular weakness especially in the lower back and neck  
  • self-esteem issues causing you to slouch
  • degenerative conditions in your spine and extremities 
  • poor ergonomics in both work and home 
  • laptops, desktop computers, phones, and tablets lead to text neck 
  • no slouching it overloads the muscular system! 


Yes you can change your posture

Can I change my posture? 

Yes, it can always improve. Will it ever be perfect? No.  

Your posture is a dynamic pattern of responses, reflexes, and habits constantly changing on a daily basis. Improving the function of your spine, strengthening postural muscles, maintaining good health and lifestyle will all help your improve posture.



Can a chiropractor improve my posture? 

Yes!!! Chiropractic can help you. As Townsville chiropractors we underastand the major role your spinal function plays in your posture.We will evaluate your spine and design a specific treatment plan to address and correct any functional problems in your spine. We will design a treatment program to improve the flexibility and strength of your spine. We will also provide you with recommendations around how to maintain healthy posture while working, sitting, standing, walking and even sleeping. We will also suggest lifestyle changes to help you improve your posture. 





What can I do at home to improve my posture  

There are many things you can do both at home and at work to improve your posture. Some of the most common are: 

  • when you are sitting, make sure you have the proper support – a nice comfy soft couch may not provide the best support for your spineIdeal ergonomic work station
  • when standing, try to avoid leaning or hiking your hip – this can lead to excessive tension in the pelvic joints and create imbalances in your spine
  • have a good pillow and mattress – a nice soft bed will not offer good spinal support, whereas a medium to firm mattress is far better for your spine and maintaining good spinal function 
  • limit the use of your mobile phone to 1 hour – get up stretch and exercise 
  • have a good ergonomic workstation 
  • use your phone handsfree or with wireless headphones
  • stop the constant hunching and slouching in your life 
  • don’t sit for too long as it leads to forward head posture and txt neck 


Let Our Townsville Chiropractors Improve Your Posture  

There is so much you can do to improve and maintain your posture. If you are not being proactive in looking after your posture as you age, you may find you stiffen up, wear out and losing functional movement.

Thats why it is important to improve your posture now and not wait until it’s too late. 

If you have concerns about your posture, or would simply like to have your posture assessed, contact one of our Townsville Chiropractors to see what we can do to help you.





If you have found this information helpful, please leave a comment below, thank you.


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