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Chiropractor near me is not the best question

Chiropractor near me is a very common google search entry. Unfortunately, it will not help you find the best Chiropractor for you, just the nearest one. Most people will happily travel a bit further for the best dentist, doctor or hospital and it should be no different with finding the best Chiropractor.

So let’s reverse the question. Who would you rather see? A Chiropractor near me or the best Chiropractor for you.

Below are our 7 tips on how you can find the best Chiropractor for you in Townsville,  not just a chiropractor near me.




1. Find a similar Chiropractor near me

Have you seen a Chiro before?  If you are happy with the results, do your research and try find a Chiropractor who uses similar techniques You can contact the chiropractor near me that you choose and they can obtain all your previous treatment records from you last chiropractor before you arrive for your appointment. If necessary, speak to your previous Chiropractor to find out what techniques they utilised and search online for Chiropractor near me who uses the same techniques. Your previous Chiropractor may even know someone in your area who may be right for you. Maybe you were not happy with the results you achieved with your previous Chiro? In this case, consider trying a different approach.

2. Ask for a recommendation

Unfortunately, due to the laws governing allied health practitioners, Chiropractors in Australia are allowed to have testimonials from patients on their websites. Sites such as Google however are not governed by these laws as health practitioners do not have any control over them. This is one place you can look for patient feedback. Read through these reviews as they may assist you in finding the best Chiropractor for you. Make sure that the chiropractor you choose is member of the Australian Chiropractors Association and you can also find out how long they have been in practice on the APHRA website

Another easy and effective way to find a good “Chiropractor near me” is to ask your family, friends or work colleagues for a personal recommendation. If you do this, make sure you ask about how well they understood what was wrong with them and how successful the treatment was.  A local medical practitioner (GP) or other allied health practitioner may also be another option to seek a recommendation from.

3. To find the best Chiropractor near me, review their website

Make sure you look at:

4. How much does a chiropractor visit cost in Townsville?

Before you see any Chiropractor, ring and ask what the fees are. Most initial consultations cost $80-$120 and subsequent visits should be in the $50-60 range. Some practices charge a lot more than this, claiming to be better.  Don’t be fooled as this is most likely a marketing trick.

For a complete list of the costs of all chiropractors click here

Beware of any Chiropractor who refuses to tell you the cost of visits over the phone. If this happens they are usually hiding something and will be trying to get you into the office to sell you an expensive program of care usually with a large upfront payment.

5. Chiropractor near me: Do they take x-rays?

Many patients definitely need x-rays or other tests to form an accurate diagnosis of what is causing your problems. This will ensure the best treatment can be given, and in some cases determine which technique of care is best suited to you. X-rays should only be performed when there is clinical need for them. The best Chiropractors will discuss the need for X-rays or other tests with you. Its important for you to know that you don’t have to be x-rayed to get the best results.

Chiropractors can refer to local Radiology clinics where the x-rays are fully funded by medicare and there is no cost to you. Beware of Chiropractors who take their own X-rays and charge fees for this when it can be done locally and covered by medicare.

If you find a Chiropractor is x-raying every single patient regardless of their problem, age or condition, consider another Chiropractor. This is often part of a scam to take advantage of you. For more information on this, read our blog.

6. What conditions do they treat?

Chiropractors can help with many different musculoskeletal conditions. Some of the most common conditions Chiropractors may be able to help you with include: headaches, migraines, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, vertigo, sporting injuries, and pregnancy relates issues.

7. Chiropractor near me: What should happen on your first visit?

During your initial visit, the best Chiropractors will collect all the necessary information to understand what is happening specific to your case.

You will be asked questions about:
Townsville Chiropractor Consultation
  • your current and past symptoms,
  • where the pain is located
  • when your symptoms started
  • what makes the pain better or worse
  • previous injuries
  • other health problems/medication
  • any previous treatment approaches
They will then complete a thorough examination including the following:

Best Chiropractor Orthopaedic Examination

  • a postural exam
  • functional exam to detect any loss of normal movement
  • orthopaedic exam to detect any structural problems
  • neurological exam to detect any loss of control of strength


Townsville Chiropractor discussing X-Rays


If necessary, Xrays, Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) may only be ordered if deemed necessary to get an accurate diagnosis and make sure that chiropractic is a safe treatment option for you.



Once an accurate diagnosis has been reached the best chiropractors will explain to you:

New Patient interview

  • what is causing your problem
  • how long it will take to fix
  • what your treatment options are
  • how long will it take
  • what you can do to help


Finally, they will work with you to design a specific treatment program that best suits your goals and needs.

Chiropractor Near Me: Conclusion

We are all time poor in our busy lives, however its much more important that you find the best chiropactor for yeu rather than the any random chiropractor near me. We hope that this blog has helped you find the best chiropractor for you and that they fit the chiropractor near me requirements as well.

If you found this blog helpful please let us know, we love feed back good or bad.

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