DVA and Chiropractic

Does DVA cover Chiropractic?

As Townsville Chiropractors we are asked regularly if DVA pays for chiropractic for its members. The good news is that many DVA card holders and their family members are eligible for DVA funded chiropractic care!

At Ansell Chiropractic we are very proud to be able to help those whom have served for our country.

Do you suffer from symptoms such as headaches, migraines, neck pain or back pain related to your time in defence? Have you wondered if DVA covers chiropractic care for you?

This blog will tell you all you need to know about DVA and chiropractic care.


Who is eligible for DVA chiropractic benefits

If you are a current or former serving member of the Australia Defence Force, DVA may pay for your Chiropractic care.

You qualify if you have an assessed clinical need and a have an approved Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Gold or White card.

Your family may also be covered for up to $800 per person of care via the ADF Family Health Program. Read our ADF Family Health Program and Chiropractic blog to find out about eligibility and how to access it.


Are there any costs to me?

We will bill DVA directly for any treatment provided to you. We guarantee there will be no out of pocket expenses to you with a valid referral.




White Card

For DVA White Card holders, DVA will pay for chiropractic services for an accepted war or service-caused injury or disease.

With a white card your doctor’s referral entitles you to 12 chiropractic visits. After these 12 visits a new referral is required for further treatments.



Gold Card

For DVA Gold Card holders, DVA will pay for chiropractic services for an accepted war or service-caused injury or disease.

If you hold a Gold Card classification, your referral will last you 12 months and within that time you are eligible 12 visits. You will require a new referral for each subsequent 12 visit cycle.


How do I make a DVA appointment

First, you need to get a DVA D904A referral to Ansell Chiropractic from: –

  • your general practitioner (GP)
  • a medical specialist
  • your treating doctor in hospital
  • a hospital discharge planner

Note: Make sure let your doctor knows which specific chiropractor you want to see or they may send you to a different Allied Health professional.

Once you have your referral contact us to make an appointment. This referral is valid for 12 months from the date issued or 12 visits, whichever expires first.




Do all chiropractors accept DVA patients

DVA Chiropractors in TownsvilleAs Townsville chiropractors, the chiros at Ansell Chiropractic are proud to accept DVA clients; however, not all Chiropractors do. This list shows which clinics in Townsville accept DVA referrals as full payment for all visits.






What is the National ADF Family Health Program?

The ADF Family Health program is available to the recognised Dependants of Permanent ADF members  and also the dependants of reservists on continuous full time service (CFTS). It is designed for defence members and their families to help with the cost of basic health services.

The program provides $800 per dependant towards the cost of Allied Health and Medical Specialist services. There is a new allocation at the beginning of each financial year (1 July).

Find out more about the ADF Family Health program.


What conditions can I get help with

Some of the most common problems that we help are: –




What is chiropractic care

As Townsville chiropractors we will assess your joints, muscles, nerves & associated structures. We aim to get your spine working well and have you out of pain and as healthy as possible now and into the future.

What does a chiro do

First, we will do a thorough initial consultation so we understand your injury or complaint. This will include a medical history and physical examination to help determine what is causing your problems.

We will then discuss with you a treatment and rehabilitation plan using specific adjusting techniques specifically designed to achieve the best results for you.

Can I see a Chiropractor before seeing my doctor?

You can see us before seeing your doctor; however, you will have to pay for your appointment privately at the time of the visit. Alternatively, you can wait until receiving your GP referral to start treatment.


Are dependants of veterans covered by DVA

As a dependant of a DVA member you are covered if you meet 1 of the following criteria: –

  • receiving the War Widow/er’s Pension
  • a wholly dependent partner, eligible young person or other dependent who is eligible for compensation for the veteran’s death under MRCA
  • eligible for the Orphan’s Pension
  • a dependent child of a deceased veteran whose death is not accepted as war-caused, if the veteran had operational service and you are not being cared for by your remaining parent


Is the number of services I can receive limited?

No, there no limits; however, a new referral is needed after each 12 visits.


Can I be treated as a Medicare or Private patient?

Yes, you can choose to be treated under a Medicare plan or as a private patient. However, if you take this option, DVA will not pay for any services that have been paid in part or full by Medicare, by your private health insurance or a third party compensation benefit.


Travel costs

DVA can also assist with transport expenses between your home and our clinic.


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Are you are a current or former serving member of the Australia Defence Force who suffers from conditions such as neck pain, headaches, back pain or sciatica?

Contact our office today on 4779 3633 or book online to find out if we can help.




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