how much does a Chiropractor Cost

How much does a visit to a Townsville Chiropractor cost?  

How much is a Townsville ChiropractorIf you are considering seeing a chiropractor for the treament of neck pain, headaches or low back pain, one of the things you will want to know is “How much does a chiropractor cost in Townsville?” 

This blog will help you know how much it costs to see a chiropractor in Townsville and what you can expect. Whether you are paying all the cost yourself, your health fund is paying part, or you are eligible for Medicare or Workers Compensation, we will explain it all to you. 

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How much should my first visit cost? 

Most chiropractors charge a higher fee for the first two visits as these visits take more timeThe initial consultation is where the chiropractor diagnoses what is wrong with you. Your report visit is where they discuss with what they found and your treatment recommendations. These first visit will usually cost between $85 and $120.




Treat on first visit

Will I be adjusted on my first visit?

Many chiropractors will adjust you on your first visit once they know it is safe to do so. When further tests, such as X-rays, are needed to know if it is safe to adjust you it is wise to wait for these results before starting any treatment. Check when booking your appointment if treatment is included on the first visit.



How much should a regular chiropractic treatment cost? 

The cost of a standard visit to a chiropractor in Townsville is generally between $57 and $85. Some clinics do give student and pensioner discounts.  

Below is the costs at all of the chiropractic clinics in Townsville as of the 16/03/2023. This list also shows which clinics give student and/or pensioner discounts.


Does private health insurance cover your chiropractic care?  

Chiropractic treatment is covered by all major health insurance as part of their extras cover. They will pay a percentage of your fee for each visit and there is usually an annual limit of around $300 a year. 

You can contact your health fund provider on their websites to find out exactly what you are covered for.


Can I claim from my health fund at each visit? 

You can claim your directly from your health fund at the time of your visit through HICAPS.  All you will have to cover is the gap payment. Beware of any chiropractic office that only wants you to pay a large upfront payment for care and not at the time of visit.


Does Medicare cover chiropractic treatment? 

Medicare will pay for up to five chiropractic visits a year for chronic conditions such as neck pain, headaches, lower back pain and sciatica

To claim your treatment from Medicare you will need a referral from your GP under the Chronic Disease Management Plan.

The below list show which clinics accept Medicare and DVA referrals as full payment for all visits.


Does Workers Compensation Cover Chiropractic? 

Yes. A Workers Compensation claim begins with a visit to your GP where you will be given a medical certificate nominating your chiropractor as the treatment provider. This referral will have a specified treatment time frame and a copy must be provided at the time of your chiropractic visit.




Do I need X-Rays

Do I have to pay for x-rays? 

No. You should never pay for spinal x-rays. In Townsville chiropractors can refer you to Queensland X-ray, North Queensland X-ray or i-MedThese x-rays are fully covered by Medicare.  




A locally owned practice or a franchise type practice?  

Traditionally locally owned and operated practices charge lower fees as you are working directly with the local owners. With franchise style practices a percentage of your treatment costs go to franchise owners and does not stay in your local community.  

Another advantage of locally owned practices is that the chiropractors have usually been in practice longer and are more experienced. Some franchise type practices employ new graduates with very little clinical experience and have no-one on site to guide or assist them.  


What about discount offers.  

Many ethical chiropractors will offer an initial consultation that is discounted for your first visit. They are committed to make it as financially affordable as possible for people to find out if chiropractic can help them.   

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people will use these offers as bait to get you into their office. Once there, they will try to manipulate you into buying an expensive long term treatment plan that may not be necessary.  

You should never feel pressured into any specific treatment plan or upfront payment scheme. Do not be afraid to get a second opinion from another chiropractor or other health care professional before you start chiropractic care. 


Is cost the most important thing?Is Cost Most Important

While cost will be a factor in which chiropractor you choose to see, the most important thing is finding the best chiropractor for you. A chiropractor who will diagnose your problems correctly and only provide the amount of care you need is much more important than what each visit costs.  


How often do I need to go to the chiropractor? 

How often you need to see a chiropractor is governed by many things such as your age, the severity of your problems and what type of chiropractor care best suits your needs.  

Every person is different, and every treatment plan should be different. 




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