Are you sleeping on the right mattress?

Do you wake up during the night with aches and pains in your back and neck? Are you stiff and sore first thing in the morning? Your mattress could be to blame!!!!!!!!!

Do you suffer  from  pain from conditions such as spondylothesis, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome or sciatica? The right mattress can be the difference between feeling energised in the morning or waking up full off aches and pains.

There are two main types of mattresses available today and this blog will help you to know which is the right fit for you.




Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattressThese are the most common mattress on the market today. They are made up of two parts; the core and the comfort layer.

  1. The core of the mattress contains the springs which are either linked together into one block or individually pocketed. The quality, shape and patterns of the springs help determine the level of support and comfort you will get from that mattress.
  1. The comfort layer sits on top of the core and can be constructed from a variety of materials such as latex, memory foam, wool and cotton. The various combinations of these products allow the mattress to provide different levels of support and comfort.

What are the advantages of innerspring mattresses?

  • Better and more consistent spinal alignment
  • Reduce movement from one side of the bed to another
  • Targeted pressure point relief
  • Solid edge support
  • Cool to sleep on due to air movement between the coils

What are the disadvantages of innerspring mattresses?

  • Uneven wearing of springs may cause possible sinking over time
  • Movement of one person can disturb another
  • Average lifespan of 7 to 10 years
  • Require rotating




Latex Memory Foam MatteressFoam Mattresses (Latex & Memory Foam)

Foam mattresses are usually made with multiple layers of one or more different foams such as latex and memory foam. These mattresses contour to your body shape, producing an even support for all of your body, especially your spine. They can help reduce pressure on your shoulder, rib, elbow, hip and knee pressure points.

What are the advantages of foam mattresses?

  • They conform to your body shape reducing pressure points
  • They do not require rotating or flipping
  • Dust mite resistant anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
  • Average shelf life can easily exceed 15 years
  • Minimal partner disturbance

What are the disadvantages of foam mattresses?

  • Difficult for some to turn and change positions
  • Softens with rising temperature
  • Takes a while to re-conform to curves if a sleeper changes position
  • They can retain your body heat and warm up in the night




What about Adjustable Beds?

These beds can adjust the angle and position of the mattress and can also have temperature control and massage functions. They are designed to help with a variety of specific medical conditions including sleep disturbances, pain problems, heartburn, and sleep apnoea. Your health care practitioner will advise you if you should consider this type of bed. For more information on adjustable beds, this Sleepy’s blog is very useful.


What about your sleeping position?


Back sleepers

If you sleep on your back, you are spreading your weight fairly evenly so a reasonably firm mattress is your best choice. Both spring and foam mattresses meet your requirements.

Side sleepers

Side Sleepers need the best of both worlds firmness to support you whilst softness to reduce pressure on your shoulder and hip joints. For this reason, the inner spring mattress with high quality top layer are the most suitable for you.

Front sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach places pressure on your pelvis, lower back and neck. As chiropractors we strongly advise against this position at all times. If you have to sleep in this position, either a high-quality spring mattress with an excellent comfort layer or a foam mattress will be the best for you.




What mattress do we recommend?

With the quality of springs that are now used within the mattress core, and the excellent materials that are being used within the comfort layer, our opinion is that the modern inner spring mattress gives an excellent combination of comfort, spinal support and pressure point control, and is the best option for most people looking to upgrade their mattress.


How I do the find the best mattress for me

First discuss with your chiropractor, or other allied health professional, what they believe will suit you best and then find a reputable bedding store that has an excellent knowledge of mattress structure and function. If you can, buy from a store that has an exchange policy so you can change your bed if necessary.

Work out your budget and buy the best bed you can within that budget. Make sure you get the best you can afford as you are going to be using it 6-8 hours a day for up to the next 10 years.

We highly recommend Sleepy’s. They stock an array of beds endorsed by our professional body and offer excellent service and a great mattress exchange program.

If you are suffering from aches and pains during the night, or when you get up in the morning, there are many other issues that may be causing your symptoms. Arrange an appointment with one of our chiropractors today to see if we can help improve your health.





If you wake up suffering from neck pain, back pain or headaches, it may be time to upgrade your mattress. Poor sleep can leave you tired, and your body fatigued, so make sure your mattress is doing its job by giving you good night of quality sleep.

We hope this blog helps you find the best mattress for you. Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


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