Let’s Meat Townsville

Let’s Meat Townsville butcher shop is located at 2/124 Charters Towers Road in the Hermit Park Shopping Centre.

They have an excellent array of product and they lay claim to specialise in everything beef, pork, lamb and chicken. They also have a large crumb selection, prepared meat dishes ready to cook, many other brilliant products, as well as a range of Delicatessen items, such as; sauces, eggs, curry pastes, mustards, beef jerky and honey.

Let’s Meat Townsville is a family owned business with Russell and Maureen Zohn having over 15 years experience as owner/managers in the trade.

Russell has nearly 30 years experience as a butcher, and with 6 staff members at the store, they have over 80 years combined experience, so you can be sure of having a wonderful experience when you shop there. Geoff, Wade, Joey, Lachy, Graham, Bianca, Maureen and Russell’s customer service is second to none in Townsville.

Visit Let’s Meat Townsville for more information about the amazing product range.

Let’s Meat Townsville is open:

  • 8am–6pm
  • 8am–6pm
  • 8am–6pm
  • 8am–4pm
  • 9am–3pm
  • 8am–6pm
  • 8am–6pm


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