Products that we recommend to our patients

Here at Ansell Chiropractic we have a great range of pillows and other related products to provide you with excellent support for your neck and back.

We also stock ice/heat packs that you can use in an emergency to help your recovery.

If you have any questions in relation to these products please contact our staff and we will endeavour to answer any of your questions.

Pillows and supports

SleepRRR Family Pillows

This neck support pillow features removable foam inserts, giving you as many as 12 adjustment options so you can create the pillow to suit your comfort needs. It is made of Memory Foam and shapes to your neck and head for optimum comfort and support whilst you sleep. When combined with your chiropractic treatment this pillow can help your chiropractor get the best results for you.

Family Pillow Junior Profile

Family pillow’s mild contour provides gentle support, cradling the head and neck evenly to encourage the natural curvature of the spine through the night. Helps induce restful sleep.

This pillow is specially designed to support and comfort children from 4-8 years, and adult back sleepers.

The Family Pillow is a non allergenic, specially treated to inhibit the presence of allergens. The base is made of heavy duty premium grade foam guaranteed to hold its supportive shape and a surface is a super soft luxurious eggfoam.

Sleep-Away Travel Pillow

The perfect travel pillow for all occasions.

  • Available in luxurious Memoryfoam
  • Mild contour encourages the spine’s natural alignment
  • compacts for portability, holds its shape and also great for camping

Memoryfoam is quite literally a space age visco elastic material developed by NASA to help diffuse gravity forces to its astronauts.  It is pliable and has excellent pressure-dispersion properties.  It is temperature sensitive and softens to some degree when in contact with body warmth. It moulds to your shape and minimizes pressure points by distributing weight more evenly.

Peanut Pillow

These 30 cm x 11cm pillows will support your neck when you travel or around the home. They Supports the neck and head allowing the muscles to relax.

Travellers Pillow – Portable Travel Neck Support

The perfect neck support travel pillow for your journey.

Ideal for supporting the neck and head when sitting and travelling.

  • It lets you sleep sitting up in a plane, bus or car
  • Helps prevent head lolling sideways, so sleep is not disturbed
  • Adjustability means a snug fit – perfect for both adults and children
  • soft open knit cover

Great for dozing in chairs, cars or planes. Soft yet supportive polyester fibre filling. Open-weave ‘breathing’ cover. Doesn’t sweat (unlike inflatables), Adjustable, compact, washable.

Pregnancy Pillow – Tummy Wedge Baby Support Pillow

This pillow is very effective in supporting your unborn baby when resting or sleeping. It will help you if you have low back pain during your pregnancy.

BackForm – Lumbar Support

Designed for the relief of back pain. Holds your spine in its correct alignment in comfort.

Supportive flanks, combined with accepted design criteria, means that Backform literally hugs the lower back.  Provides therapeutic primary and secondary support on two planes, thus helping to alleviate unnecessary pain and stress.

This support helps support the lumbar spine both in the car and at home. It is excellent for long trips.

Coccyx Tailbone Wedge

The Coccyx cushion is compact, durable and lightweight, it diffuses pressure and helps alleviate pain to sensitive areas.  The cushion is designed for normal seating whether it be at a sports event, home, car or office. Take it anywhere!

  • Unique cut-out section minimises painful pressure to the coccyx region
  • Gently angled to promote correct spinal alignment for better posture
  • Compensates for sunken sofas and chairs, providing ongoing comfort and support

Removable covers in easy-clean bacterial resistant (hospital grade) Steri-Plus or in soft Dura-Fab Fabric.

Posture Wedge

The seat cushion that encourages correct pelvic tilt to reduce pressure on the lumbar discs and thus minimise potential back problems.

  • Promotes better posture and helps maintain your normal lumbar curve while sitting
  • Relieves stress on back, increases user comfort for longer periods
  • Available in soft Dura-Fab fabric, or easy-clean bacteria inhibiting Steri-Plus

Multi-use cushion: Compact and lightweight, Posture Wedge is a multi-purpose cushion designed for normal seating in your office or home, and is used with the lower end in front. In the car you simply turn it around and it is useful for positioning you firmly against the back of the seat and prevents you from sliding down.

Heat and Ice Packs


Lupin Heat Pack (17cm x 57cm)

Effective natural healing, drug-free pain relief

Lupin seed is a light round pod, with superior heating qualities when compared to other grain fillings. It is clean natural seed that produces no dust.


Flex-Ice packs are thick and stay soft hot or cold. When the pack is cooled it forms ‘flex-ice’ a unique soft white paste guaranteed to deliver a recommended treatment – taking the guess work out of application.

Hot or Cold Microwavable – Flex-Ice gel packs heat in a minute and will stay hot for hours. Flex-Ice packs can be heated straight from the freezer.

Safe ingredients – Flex-Ice gel is made of totally non-toxic food grade ingredients. Flex-Ice is a major Hospital supplier and approved by the T.G.A. (Since 2008 over 21 imported and local products have been found to be toxic).





For the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains based on evidence of traditional use.  Fisiocrem is also an effective massage cream to care for the muscles and ligaments following injury related to daily activity or intense physical exercise.

Suitable for use by the whole family and contains no hydroxybenzoates or parabens.

The best way to determine if your Chiropractic care can be assisted by the above products is to discuss it with our Chiropractors.


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