Bob Jane T-Marts Townsville

Bob Jane T-Mart Townsville is located at 2 Ross River Road, on the corner of Bowen Road in Mundingburra.

It is owned by Grant Abrahams who has been a friend of Daryl’s for over 30 years.

Bob Jane have an amazing array of rims and tyres at very competitive prices. They look after all of Daryl’s family’s cars.

They also offer wheel alignments, which are one of the key maintenance factors to ensure you get the most out of your tyres and your vehicle’s handling, using state-of-the-art wheel alignment machinery. Bob Jane suggest regular wheel alignments on your vehicle should occur every 6 months or 10,000km – whichever comes first.

Bob Jane offers an excellent flat tyre service as well. They will help to get you back on the road as soon as possible and can even advise you on removing the punctured tyre and fitting your spare, safely out of the way of any traffic. It is important to have the punctured tyre repaired as soon as possible especially if your vehicle’s spare tyre is a space saver or speed limited.

Grant Abrahams has been with Bob Jane T-Marts Townsville since its inception in the late 90s and he now oversees a team with over 50 years of combined experience in the tyre business.

Bob Jane Townsville is also big on community involvement & support. Grant was in Apex with Daryl Ansell and is a past president of the Port of Townsville Rotary club. They also support a host of local sports teams and events.

“With our vast experience, we know a thing or two about tyres, wheels, batteries and you’ll find our product knowledge second to none.”

As they love to say at Bob Jane T-Marts Townsville, “we’ll look after you!”

Visit Bob Jane T-Marts Townsville to view all of their tyres and other products.

Bob Jane is open:

  • 7:45am–5pm
  • 7:45am–5pm
  • 7:45am–5pm
  • 8am–2pm
  • Closed
  • 7:45am–5pm
  • 7:45am–5pm

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