Centenary Hotel Pimlico

The Centenary Hotel Pimlico is located at 35 French Street in Pimlico and is locally known in Townsville as The Centen.  It is a 1950’s art-deco styled building and is of great appeal, located in French Street in the quiet suburb of Pimlico. A truly unique location and style awaits those who stop for a meal or even just a beer.

This pub is about half way along French Street and is very child-friendly. It has one of those huge inflated pillow type bouncy areas located in a fenced area adjacent to the adequate carparks.

The building itself is a two story brick building, constructed in the 1950’s, and the art-deco revival curved corner bricks and loads of terazo floorings inside are worth seeing. The humble foyer boasts two brown sitting chairs which are also in theme with the art-deco styling.

The pub has a public general bar immediately at the main entrance, a “sports bar”, and an indoor dining area is adjacent to the former “lounge” bar. The dining room also opens up onto a very pleasant outdoor dining area with plenty of seating.

It has a great menu and the steak is undoubtedly the highlight. Meals are reasonably priced and are more than ample in quantity.

The highlight for families is the bouncing pillow. On any given night you will see dozens of kids playing on the pillow together while the parents can sit back, relax and enjoy their evening.

This pub has its own identity and character that wreaks of yesteryear. The service is friendly, the beer is cold and the meals are excellent, so its well worth a visit when in Townsville.

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The Centen is open:

  • 10am–12am
  • 10am–12am
  • 10am–12am
  • 10am–12am
  • 10am–12am
  • 10am–12am
  • 10am–12am


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