Jezzine Barracks

Jezzine Barracks is a 15-hectare heritage precinct located in a beautiful seafront setting at Kissing Point headland, at the northern end of the Strand, It commemorates the military and Aboriginal heritage of the Kissing Point headland in Townsville through 32 specially commissioned public artworks, extensive interpretive signage and the restoration of significant elements of the Kissing Point Fort complex. In 2007 a community trust was established to keep this land in public hands.

The space includes a coastal walkway connecting Rowes Bay and The Strand, observation decks up at Kissing Point Fort, traditional plantings along the ethno-botanical walk, the Crossed Boomerang Amphitheatre, Norman and Brigadier North parklands and the Kennedy Regiment Plaza

The Wulgurukaba and the Bindal people are the traditional owners of the land, which is called Garabarra. They retain an enduring ‘connection to country’ despite the impact of non-Aboriginal settlement in the area.

For thousands of years Garabarra was the centre of a common food foraging area for local Aboriginal people. This is an area with immeasurable cultural and spiritual values.

You will learn all about about their culture as you stroll these coastal boardwalks. All along the walk there are art installations and interpretative signs. You will uncover the stories of Townsville’s settlement and discover the. regions significant military and indigenous history

.The centrepiece of this precinct is the restored Kissing Point Fort. It was established in 1870 after the British withdrew from the colonies. It was in continuous use from 1885 through 2006 and it played a significant role in Australia’s defense during this time. It was part of the base of the American army during World War 2.

From the observation decks at the fort you can admire beautiful views over The Strand, the city, and the sea.

The Jezzine Barracks / Kissing Point / Garabarra redevelopment was a $40 million partnership between  the Townsville City Council, the Queensland and Australian Governments. The Jezzine Barracks are open to the public.

This ethnobotanical trail displays traditional Aboriginal plantings, and kids can have a great time in the playground.

Jezzine Barracks provides an overview of the region’s fascinating military history and Aboriginal heritage. This beautiful spot to stroll in the sunshine and soak up some of the stories that helped shape this town.

The walking trail can be quite hot in the middle of the day, so it’s best to time your visit for earlier in the morning or in the late afternoon. Its dog friendly as well s make sure you take you dog for a stroll there.

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