Reef Headquarters Aquarium

Reef Headquarters Aquarium recommended by your local Townsville Chiropractor

The Reef HQ Aquarium is located on Flinders Street in The Townsville CBD and  an easy walk The Strand, Magnetic Island ferry terminal and the Townsville cruise terminal. It contains the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium. It is located in the same complex as the Museum of Tropical Queensland and has over 110,000 visitors tour Reef HQ Aquarium every year.

Reef Headquarters Aquarium is the national education centre for the Great Barrier Reef and plays a vital role in educating local and tourists alike on the values of the Great Barrier Reef and what they can do to help protect the Reef for future generations. It consists of the Coral Reef Exhibit, a Predator Exhibit, a children’s section, a gift shop and café and interactive exhibits

The Coral exhibit at Reef HQ

The 2.5 million litre Coral Reef Exhibit contains thousands of charismatic marine creatures. The underwater viewing tunnel offering stunning views of a real living coral reef and the predatory species that live there. The water motion is the same as on the reef  and is created by a pneumatic wave machine. In a world first the aquarium is open to the weather, receiving rain, sun- and moonlight, just like natural coral reefs.

The underwater tunnel is the highlight of the aquarium. On one side you view the stunning Coral Reef Exhibit and on the other side is the The Predator Exhibit where you will see a mesmerizing display of larger predatory species such as potato cod, blacktip reef sharks and leopard shark many of which have actually been bred successfully at Reef HQ.

There are so many shark species living happily at Reef HQ Aquarium including the Tawny Nurse Shark, the Leopard Shark, the Black Tip Reef Shark the Epaulette Shark and the Nervous Whaler Shark.

The Leopard Sharks are world famous after it was confirmed they were giving birth without a male which is a world first in an aquarium

The Yongala is repicated at Reef Headquarters Aquarium

The backdrop of this exhibit is a replica the bow the world famous shipwreck the S.S. Yongala which is located the south coast from Townsville and a tourist mecca for scuba divers from all over the world.

Make sure you see the Aquarium’s turtle hospital. Since opening in 2009 it has cared for more than 255 turtles injured b things such as boat strikes, marine plastic ingestion, fishing hook ingestion, floatation syndrome and malnourishment.

The turtle hospital operates the C.A.R.E (Conserver. Act. Rehabilitate. Educate) philosophy and plays a key role in raising community awareness.

For many years now the olive sea snakes have been breeding in captivity which is a world first for the Reef Headquarters Aquarium. This is the only known case of captive breeding of olive sea snakes anywhere.

This is a world class tourist attraction and should be on the list of things to do for very person coming to Townsville.

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Reef Headquarters Aquarium

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