Warrina Cineplex

Warrina Cineplex is a family owned independent cinema located at 164 Dalrymple Road in Vincent. This brilliant quirky place is the best place to see a movie in Townsville.

If you are looking for an brilliant cinema experience where you are not harassed by the sound of mobile phones ringing; surrounded by rubbish and stale popcorn left by previous patrons; offended by smelly feet that are on seats rather than in shoes and on the floor where they belong, then the Warrina Cineplex is the only place for you to catch a movie.

At Warrina’s Cineplex you will not only enjoy a movie in clean pleasant surrounds, but also have a truly amazing entertainment experience. They even have a dress code that bans singlets and sleeveless shirts. It is expected that everyone will be courteous to other patrons by switching off mobile devices and behaving in a respectful manner. The way it should be!!!!!!!!

By observing these standards everyone is able to have an enjoyable movie experience.

Check out the specials if you are looking for a great deal or are a regular movie buff and see what’s showing here. ATM facilities are available and they operate a Candy Bar with all the movie going goodies you would expect to be available.

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