Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic for Children

can chiropractic help children 

From the birth process to all things that happen to children while they learn to walk, run and play, there are many different events that can have an enormous impact on your child’s spine and health both immediately and into their formative years.

Chiropractic care may be able to help the musculoskeletal changes that can occur with children following events such as those mentioned above which can cause them pain and discomfort.



can knocks and falls Affect Children’s Spines

townsville-chiropractor-neck-pain-from-studyingWhen your children begin to walk, they can have many falls, and any number of these can cause pain and damage to their spine or muscles. They can fall off bikes, trees, beds or monkey bars, and while this is a regular part of growing up, these falls can cause injury or simply general aches and pains.

Trauma from an injury is one of the most common reasons parents seek chiropractic care from our clinic for their children.

As your child continues to age, studying becomes very important and the hours spent at a desk, either at school or home, can also impact on how their spine and muscles are functioning.

This is another area where chiropractic care may be helpful with the musculoskeletal changes associated with these activities.



can Chiropractic Help Childhood aches and pains?

townsville-chiropractor-child-spine-examChiropractic assessment simply focuses on how the spine and associated structures are moving, and if any loss of normal movement in a child’s spine is causing pain or other symptoms.

Your chiropractor will perform a thorough exam to determine exactly how your child’s spine is functioning then discuss with you if chiropractic care could benefit them.

If chiropractic care is indicated, the chiropractic techniques used are tailored to fit your child’s size, weight, and spinal condition. These  techniques are are gentle, specific and individualised to each child.

Contact us today to find out if chiropractic care could be helpful for your child.



Gentle & Safe Chiropractic Care for Children of All Ages is important. Contact us today if we can help your child.


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