Sports Chiropractic

 chiropractors aim to get you back in the game.

Some common causes of sporting injuries in athletes are:

  • Muscle asymmetry where one side of the body is different from the other
  • Loss of mobility and flexibility issues
  • loss of spinal movement causing abnormal muscle tightness and strain
  • Muscle spasm and tightness from overuse
  • Trauma during sport causing injuries and placing stress on other areas of the body

When your body is injured it will automatically compensate by changing muscle tone and movement patterns both in the region of the injury and also other areas of the body as well to protect the injured area.

This can lead to pain in one area being caused by an injury in another area such as the ache in your shoulder being caused by an injury to your neck.


how can chiropractic help an athlete?

Runner lower back pain injury

Chiropractor concentrates on restoring the normal movement to your spine, improving your movement range and strengthening your muscular system. These changes may help an athlete improve their performance.

And not just professional athletes either, our chiropractors see a real mix of athletes including the amateur and weekend sports players.



What Conditions Can Result from a Sports injury?

Playing sport can affect the body in many different ways both positive and negative. As muscles, joints and ligaments are used throughout all facets of sport strain, injury and trauma can easily occur.

Spinal injuries can limit your range of motion, affect your overall strength and reduce your performance,  not ideal for sportsmen and women at any level.

During participation in sport a high degree of strain on the spine and structural system can occur. The lumbar spine (low back) is the most frequently injured area of the spine and not warming up or cooling down properly is also a huge factor when it comes to sports injuries.

Chiropractic care aims to promote and maintain good spinal function and balance. When athletes have sore muscles and joints from training and competing a chiropractor may help in their recovery and performance.  


why see chiropractor for sport injuries

Young Couple Jogging in Park

Your body, including all its muscles and ligaments, relies upon proper joint movement for peak sporting performance. Injuries to your body can reduce the range of movement and can take you out of your sport indefinitely.

Whether you play soccer, football, golf, cricket, netball or bowls, we believe that the most effective treatment for sports injuries is prevention. 


Seek chiropractic care for your sports injury 

When you visit one of our professional chiropractors they perform an thorough examination of your spine and other areas to determine if chiropractic could help you. If we believe that our treatment could be of benefit to your we will set up an individual treatment plan based on your age, sport, body condition, and health objectives.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our care and the treatments we offer. and appreciate you taking the time to book your appointment with us.  For more information about your first visit, click here.

Are you suffering from a sports injury? With our experienced chiropractic care we can help you on your way to recovery.



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